Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mariner's Roller Coaster Start and Is Golf a Sport?

This week we reviewed the Seattle Mariners' first six games. We discussed what we liked and what made us nervous.
We then considered ending an eight-year-long grudge against an NBA team and moved on to spend some time talking about The Masters, Jordan Speith, Tiger Woods and, finally, whether or not golf is a sport.
It turned into an awesome argument about what the difference is between a game and a sport. Don't miss it.

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Scrimmage Bracket Wager Goes Final

This week we recapped the Final For games and discussed the upcoming NCAA Tourney Championship game between Wisconsin & Duke.

Justin won the bracket wager over Daniel and took advantage of the opportunity to rub it in, even giving Daniel a hard time about a miscue in his football game on Saturday. Daniel's penalty for losing the bracket wager is that he has to make a compelling argument that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time on next week's show. Stay tuned for that. It'll be fun.

We also discussed the Seattle Mariners and who may be considered their MVP.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Busted Brackets and Justin Rooting for Duke

This week, we recapped Elite Eight action, previewed the Final Four matchups, and discussed the status of our brackets.
Justin is in a lose-lose situation. A longtime, diehard Tar Heel fan, his only hope to beat Daniel in their bracket wager is for Duke to beat Michigan State in the Final Four.
We wrapped up with some Mariners talk. It's almost baseball season!

March Mayhem 2015

Here's last week's show!