Monday, April 14, 2014

Are the Mariner's Falling Back to Earth? Plus, Stump Daniel and Half Court Heaves!

This week we started off with our take on fan interference in Major League Baseball, then we moved on to a Mariner's edition of Stump Daniel, a discussion of the Mariner's recent woes after their red hot start, and finished with our old Half Court Heaves segment, where we ask each other random questions!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mariners Start Hot and Justin Can't Stump Daniel

Today we started out with an NBA edition of Stump Daniel, although after his performance this time we might need to change the name of the segment.

After Daniel showed his knowledge of NBA stats and players, we moved on to discuss the Mariner's awesome start, and what we think it says about the season to come.

We finished off the show with some early NFL draft talk, is this shaping up to be the most controversial draft ever?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Clint Gresham Interview and Daniel's Busted Bracket Shame

This week we have a super special exclusive interview with Clint Gresham, Deep Snapper for the Seattle Seahawks! Justin got a great interview and it's a lot of fun to get this guy's perspective on the Superbowl and Coach Carroll, among other things!

Plus, with still a weekend of NCAA Basketball Tournament to go, we have nevertheless already found the loser of the Annual Scrimmage Bracket Challenge!

As you can see, Daniel lost his championship team when Virginia got jobbed by the refs at the end of a drag out battle with Michigan State.
(That's his story and he's sticking with it, although Justin claims that his analysis of Daniel's bracket suggests that he may have taken a dive due to a secret admiration for a certain bay area quarterback.)

There is still added interest in the remaining games though, since Producer Andrew's bracket is very much alive, and could still beat Justin's bracket if Wisconsin takes the championship!
Why Wisconsin? "BECAUSE RUSSEL WILSON!" naturally...)

All this, plus we discuss MLB Opening Day, and our thoughts on the Mariner's season. Can we muster up the traditional Mariners Optimism?